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Custom Scatter Cushions

Our Custom Scatter Cushions are perfect for your home décor transformation. Whether you’re looking to add something new into the mix or completely revamp your style we have the items for you.

Allow us to provide you with your new aesthetic piece today. With an enhancement of your artistic expression in your hands all you have to do is appreciate your new look.

Our Custom Scatter Cushions will be made to fit your ideal vibe as we work together to give you something to make your couches pop!

Browse through our huge selection today and find the cushions you most desire.

Cushions for Comfort

When you choose the right Custom Scatter Cushions you will improve the feeling in your home. The cushions are designed to be flexible and add to the charm of your living space.

Likewise, whichever pattern and colour you choose will only accentuate what you already have! Moreover, the cushions are easy to clean as they hold their shape and keep the colour.

Select your range today with various styles and designs waiting for you.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you are on the look out for anything specific. We do design Custom Scatter Cushions after all.

Shop Online

You can get your Custom Scatter Cushions and more from us today all online. As such, browse through our website today and find the pieces perfect for your home décor needs.

Allow us to assist you in making your space something to be proud of.

Contact  Lemon Litchi by IV

If you would like to know more about our custom cushion designers in Johannesburg, be sure to get into contact with one of our representatives from Lemon Litchi by IV today, or feel free to continue browsing our website for additional information.