Gaura Whiskers Scatter Cushion


Create a tranquil and earthy atmosphere with this spicy bee blossom printed Gaura Whiskers Scatter Cushion. The flower petals look like a kaleidoscope of butterflies with dusty pinks, olive greens and earth tones.

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These adorable little flowers grow in the garden outside our studio. They are very small in size and sometimes the amazing details of the flowers get overlooked. We wanted to magnify and showcase them on this Gaura Whiskers Scatter Cushion so that their beauty and quirkiness can be fully appreciated. Also called bee blossoms, wand flowers and whirling butterflies, these peculiar little flowers made this fun and bold print that will spice up any space.

  • Colour-fast reactive digital print
  • Double Sided Print
  • Woven invisible zip
  • Material: Cotton Spandex Peach
  • Size: 57cm x 65cm
    • Note: All fabrics are washed and pre-shrunk and as a result size may vary with a few centimeters.
  • This product was designed, printed, sewn and packaged in South Africa.

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 57 × 65 × 20 cm


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