Sub-Aquatic Amazon Velvet Scatter Cushion


This underwater forest print with angelfish hiding in delicious monster leaves creates a whimsical and dramatic atmosphere. The reds, oranges, yellows, greens and blues on the Sub-Aquatic Amazon Velvet Scatter Cushion is reminiscent of warm tropical waters.



In April 2017 we visited Cape Town’s Two Oceans aquarium. Being two very enthusiastic scuba divers, we decided to dive in two of the aquarium’s exhibits.

The dive we enjoyed the most was the cold water Kelp Forest exhibit.

As we drove into the tank we were welcomed by a bustling underwater world. The aquarium installed pumps and systems that create circulation and water movement within the tank. This gives a magical and enchanting feeling when you are submerged. It mimics the open ocean. The kelp danced and swayed while the sun shimmers on the lustrous scales of the fish hiding in the forest. This magic inspired our alluring Sub-Aquatic Amazon Velvet Scatter Cushion.

  • Colour-fast reactive digital print
  • Double Sided Print
  • Woven invisible zip
  • Material: Velvet
  • Size: 70cm x 60cm
    • Note: All fabrics are washed and pre-shrunk and as a result size may vary with a few centimeters.
  • This product was designed, printed, sewn and packaged in South Africa.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 60 × 65 × 20 cm


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